Z-Blood Mission Review

Z-Blood Mission is a zombie killing game with horror and survival elements that looks like it'd fit perfectly in on a flash site with Last Stand. However, this game developed by Hot Code Games is available on Steam for less than $10 and will give you plenty of gameplay value.

The story is simple, kill zombies, collect their blood and power force shields to prevent them from entering the home any further. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong, I was actually surprised how challenging this game can be and was further impressed with the progression and gameplay value. While there were some negatives that stuck out to me, I can see myself playing this when I have some time to "kill".

We're going to start with some of the key features that Z-Blood Mission provides,

-5 types of zombies, and extremely tough bosses

-4 weapon types: Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and grenades. As well as a combat drone that the play can unlock.

-Automated targeting system, which can be both a life safer and frustrating

-Interactive environment and challenging gameplay

Something that stuck out immediately to me was the environment, as I thought this was just a 2D sidescroller, however, it's actually a 3D world, when you can move forward, backward, side to side, up and down and I love it and at the same time I get stuck on things sometimes and curse my name out loud.

Also, if you're just starting, HOLD down F to fire, it's just a press to shoot kind of thing. Something that took me a few deaths to realize. Which is the second thing I noticed was all the controls. It can take a bit to get used to. It doesn't use WASD movement, but the good ole' arrow keys, along with several keys to interact with your environment, throw grenades, switch weapons, use antidotes/healing kits and reload. It takes some practice to get into the layout but once you do it's not a bad scheme.

There are multiple levels to the home you're defending and the zombies will keep on coming, even as you wipe the floor with them. Be careful as well, as just one hit can infect you, and if you don't have an antidote, you'll die soon enough. Though, the drop rate on these and ammo is pretty good, so you should be able to maintain yourself. If you do find yourself running out of ammo, you can kick the zombies down to impede their movement. What I started doing while I was running and trying to interact with the force fields was just shooting them once or twice so they fell to the ground and run past them rather than wasting ammo to kill them right away.

While you're running, watch your step as well, because there are spots in the floor that will crumble and drop you to the level below. With this, there are also destructible walls that you can blow up with grenades which is quite cool. The way the map lives around you is done quite well, even to the zombies climbing in through the window.

As a whole, I think it's very reminiscent of a flash game that'd you'd play on Kongregate and that's just fine for me. It's simple, yet challenging enough to keep me interested, and I can save the game, load up and continue where I left off from.

It can be hard to navigate the 3D space and times and ammo and other drops will get stuck under tables or other items and you can't pick up them. As well as the zombies maybe being too crowded and overpowering when you jump in right away, there are a few things that make the title challenging. Though, I suppose it's a bit of a breath of fresh air with the number of things games will feed you now so it's not hard.

All in all, Z-Blood Mission is an enjoyable flash-like game that would hold my attention for a bit when I need a break from work or something.

You can check it out on Steam here.

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