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Top 5 Indie Horror Games To Play At Halloween

After playing some horror games, I’ve worked out that I have a love and hate relationship with horror games. With it being Halloween month, now is the best time for the top 5 horror games you need to play. There are a lot of good indie horror games in 2020, so this list is all 2020 releases.

5. Pumpkin Jack

The most recently released game as it was released today. Pumpkin Jack is a game where you play as a kind Jack Skellington like the character but instead of a skeleton head, he has a Pumpkin head. We do have a full preview on the site that you should definitely check out. To summarise, it's a game that has taken a lot of inspiration from Medevil and Jak & Dexter to make a very good looking 3D platformer game.

4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The third in the Amnesia series and looks to go deeper into what made this series great and horrifying. With the return of puzzle-solving under massive pressure. As you try to keep calm as if you try to keep yourself mentally stable.

3. Carrion

This one flips the horror genre on its head so maybe for the people who don't like jump scares. In this you play as the actual monster. With all tentacles and powers. As you go through an underground science bunker. Like being able to take control of enemies and eating them.

2. Dread Out 2

Another sequel on the list. This one follows a schoolgirl, Linda, who is struggling after the events of the first game. Through your playthrough, you'll come up against ghosts in a survival horror type game. As you will try to defeat this new evil in any way possible.

1. Dead Static Drive

This is a weird one and we've had a guy with a pumpkin head. Dead Static Drive is a top-down survival horror. Where you go against Lovecraftian after an apocalypse has hit the Earth. That does sound kind of scary but some of the gameplay does have some humor, from falling over while fueling your car to flipping your car driving away. It does have its moment of fear when something appears behind you but it's balanced with some humorous elements which make a great game to play if you are looking for that balance on Halloween.

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