The Genius Of 'Baba Is You'

As soon as I heard the concept for Baba Is You I knew it was a thing that I needed to try. It’s a seemingly simple one screen puzzle game where you need to create sentences in order to make your objectives possible. For example; your end goal might be behind a big rock that seems immovable, but if you find the words and get them into the right place to make the sentence “Rock is push” you will suddenly be able to push that rock out of the way to reach the goal.

Or let’s say you push the words to create the sentence “Rock is you”, you will take control of the rock and merely need to move your new rock body into the goal. It’s a very heady game, one that really forces you to examine everything you have in front of you and think outside of the box if you want any hope of achieving your goal. You can struggle on a single level for hours, and when the solution finally clicks, Baba Is You simultaneously makes you feel like the biggest idiot in the world and the smartest person to ever live. That’s the genius of the game, but it’s also the reason that nearly a full year after purchasing it I am still working my way through.

My Switch is a glorified Animal Crossing machine at this point, but every once in awhile I’ll boot up 'Baba Is You' again and give it a go. I either finish a level or two and feel like a certified brain genius or I bash my head against a single particularly devious level and feel completely defeated. Either way, I always come back for more. The game features exactly 200 levels to finish, and I’m determined to one day say that I finished them all. It’s just going to have to be awhile.