• Rhys Boulton

The Falconeer Could Be The Biggest Game On Xbox Series On Day One!

After Halo Infinite released its gameplay trailer and massively failed to impress with poor graphics that compared to other games looked very poor. After that, it was announced that Halo Infinite will be delayed. This was very disappointing for people buying the Xbox Series. Falconeer looks like the stand for the Xbox Series for an Indie game made by one person.

What is Falconeer?

Falconeer is an open-world game where players play as the Falconeer. A rider of a massive falcon in a world where war is raging on. Through the game, you are able to join a certain faction that will change the outcome of the world. As you complete the quest, discover secrets, and change the world. It seems it plays like a classic flying game with you dodging, diving, and barrel rolling to victory to gain the advantage in battle.

This could be massive for the Indie Market

An indie game being the main focus of a next generation of console releases hasn't happened before. If you're buying an Xbox series this is a must play even if you're not a big indie gamer. It does look like it could be a fun game to play. If these releases on the Xbox are successful, it will realistically grow the market and inspire more developers to go solo. This hasn't happened before for a console but if it’s successful, it could be huge.

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