'The Designer's Curse' is a new horror game developed by a 16 year old!

"The Designer’s Curse", developed by CBGames has something about it, that not many other titles have, a 16-year-old creator. Meet Christian Blandford, the young mind behind this terrifying title and many others including “Overnight 2”, “Slender Adrift” and “Buried Beneath”. How he crafts this particular amount of horror at a young age I’m not sure we’ll understand. According to a small bio area on his GameJolt profile, “I love horror, and have always had a passion for it. Been developing since I was 9.” It’s crazy what’s possible with today's technology and someone’s ability to teach themselves… So now that we have a little background of the developer, let’s get into the game itself, "The Designers Curse"”

“The Designers Curse" is a first-person survival horror game inspired by games like Amnesia. It is dark, terrifying and features an eerie original sound track by Mikko Tarmia. You will delve deep into the depths of the Shaw Well Manor and uncover the secrets that lurk beneath, all while attempting to escape death and threatening creatures. Solve puzzles and work your way through this terrifying place. You may be more familiar with it than you initially think. Explore the depths of this mansion knowing the fact that you are not alone, and you’re being hunted by the most terrifying beings, created by the protagonist himself.

The controls are simple enough to navigate and the interface is easy, collect notes, keep a journal, pick up items and access your inventory while wandering down dark and mysterious hallways. Use “Q” and “E” to peek around corners and stay hidden from the demonic creatures. Don’t leave any stone unturned, open every drawer, chest, and desk, you never know what you may find that you will need throughout the run for your life!

The reviews on Steam come in very positive! Many praised the work of the developer and have loved his work in the past. This developer is new on my radar and what he’s created is impressive. Many fans love it and are looking forward to Chapter 2. The Designers Curse: Part 1 is free to play so anyone can head over to Steam or GameJolt right now to give it a try. Just a heads up though, it is pretty damn scary. Not necessarily with the visuals, but the overall atmosphere it creates and it’s sound effects. You could be walking down a hall minding your own business and be started by a booming crash and not sure where it came from.

I grew up playing horror adventure games like "Resident Evil", "Silent Hill" and more, but even with years of experience under me, this still managed to get me with a dang jump scare. If you’re a horror junky, this is something you definitely need to pick up now. Just make sure your doors are locked and no one in the house is going to sneak up on you, however, if you are one of those scare lovers, put your headphones on and turn the lights off. See how far you make it before jumping out of your seat.

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