The Crazy World Of Competitive Fall Guys

For all intents and purposes, Fall Guys is a children’s game. It’s a harmless fun-for-all-ages romp that is deliberately designed to not be all that competitive. There is a single winner at the end, sure, but losing a round of Fall Guys doesn’t feel all that bad, especially when compared to the storm of swears that comes from me after a particularly brutal game of Warzone. The skill ceiling of Fall Guys is not all that high and is very reachable for the even mildly dedicated, and from that point, you know that you are mostly contending with things beyond your control like the heavy RNG factors and the game’s less-than-perfect netcode (I’ll be doing an article on that soon). You might think that a game that isn’t very competitive, has an audience of mostly kids and non-gamers, and relies so heavily on randomness, wouldn’t have a very active competitive scene, but you’d be dead wrong.

Fall Guys eSports is a funny idea in and of itself, but it’s a vibrant and active scene that I only expect to grow as the game ages and more features are added. There are weekly Twitch Rivals streams that team various streamers up to compete for a split prize and many random events like the recent Falloween which gave $40,000 to the winning team’s charity. My absolute favorite event though has to be Fallmania, an event that happens every few weeks on Twitch and later gets uploaded to YouTube in full. The event is hosted by Twitch users GrandPooBear and SnowBikeMike and even has a full Red Bull sponsorship fronting the $5,000 grand prize. It’s a high stake winner-takes-all tournament that, over the course of an entire day, whittles a group of sixteen down to one. To win the grand prize you need to be able to perform greatly in 13 whole games of Fall Guys where you’re directly competing against 56 NPCs (the tournaments abbreviation for Non-Participating Competitors, basically everybody else in the public match) and 3 other highly skilled competitors looking to take you down. I know I said that the skill ceiling for this game is relatively low, but you wouldn’t think so watching any of these tournaments. There have been five of these events so far, the last of which was won by Super Mario Odyssey speedrunner Dangers, and I’ve made sure to watch each and everyone because they are just that entertaining. It might seem like a joke, but I highly recommend tuning in to any one of these shows and having your mind blown by the talent on display.