• Rhys Boulton

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance DLC Is Bigger Than The Original Game

The Binding of Isaac is one of the Apex Predators of the indies made by Edmund McMillen. The same guy who was behind the Meat Boy series. Inspired by an actual biblical story called the Binding of Isaac. It’s a rogue-like that has so much content it will be hard to see everything. You start off weak but through power-ups and well, pure grit, you’ll get through it. It's not an easy game but if you put in the effort you will beat it. The Binding of Isaac is a hard game but it's rewarding throughout. This is definitely a game that made the indies what they are today, without it, we wouldn’t have the massive market we have today. With us being the Indie Gamer Magazine, this game is massive to us and if you’re an indie gamer and haven’t played this, you need to try it.

Could the Binding of Isaac be the Minecraft of the indies?

This sadly won’t be the next Minecraft. This next DLC will be the last out of the three different DLC. It does explain why the DLC is so big as it works as a send-off to what is a great game. There’s no saying that Edmund McMillen won't return to this game at some time in the future. Maybe for an adaption of some sorts like a TV show or an actual sequel to it. At the moment, it seems very unlikely that the world of Isaac won’t be used in the future in one way or another. We hope it does get continued in some way or form. With it now being an icon of sorts within indie games. Nintendo if you're reading, we’ve got your new Smash Fighter here.

What could be in the Repentance DLC?

Let’s go into a dark place and try to get into the mind of the developer. We’ve had a lot of weird stuff in Binding Isaac from a demon mum to a witchetty grub type enemy. We could really have anything from a demon daddy long legs to a flying baby with 20 legs and shoots laser beams out of its eyes. It really could be anything and this is one of the best things about the Binding of Isaac. Anything could happen in this game and it always feels out of the box and crazy. We hope that the next DLC update is as good as the past content. It should be the next couple of months where we get more information about the DLC, so stay tuned for that.

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