The Best Time Wasters For Your Phone

I don’t love to admit it, but I spend the majority of my gaming time playing simple time wasting games on my iPhone. Obviously, I’d prefer to spend that time playing something more substantial, but you all know how it is: you get busy. There’s only so much time in a day and it’s much easier to flip to something simple on the device you already spend most of the day on for five minutes at a time than it is to sit down with your PC or console of choice and boot up a bigger game for hours. By far my biggest go-to genre of phone game is the Idle game, the games specifically designed to be time wasters that supposedly play themselves while you’re away. I have spent an absurd amount of time playing as many of these as I can, and honestly, most of them suck for one reason or another, that‘s why this list is so short. But I think I’ve found the ones that are most worth your time.

AdVenture Capitalist & AdVenture Communist

HyperHippo’s AdVenture series features quirky humor, slick addictive “gameplay”, and a great unified art style. The best part about them is that, despite the obvious self-aware themes of making as much money as possible, they are surprisingly some of the least money-grubbing Idle games out there. I’ve played both games for dozens of hours and not only have I never spent a single cent on either, but I’ve also rarely even watched an ad. Most Idle games make themselves nearly unplayable with the number of ads they make you watch, but these ones are completely optional. Click button to make the number go up has never been more satisfying.

Idle Brick Breaker & Zen Idle