• Rhys Boulton

Super Meat Boy Forever So Close But No Nugget

When the first Super Meat Boy released, it was arguably one of the games that made the indie market what it is today. Now one of the main developers behind the game left this being Edmund McMillen. It looks like the game might have taken a step back from what made the original such an enjoyable game. There was a lot of controversy around the sequel's new mechanics compared to the original. This being the fact that they haven't taken out free movement and made it into an endless runner type game. Where you can't stop running forward or turn around.

A good step but maybe too small of a step

The changes in the Super Meat Boy Forever are slightly painful to get used to. With them changing the free movement to an autorun. The change did make the game feel fresh again. With some great updates to the design that made it feel very enjoyable. That being said though it still felt like they were holding back. Trying to make sure that they didn't make long time fans unhappy. It shows a lot of promise for the Meat Boy series. As it could mean that games will hopefully step further away from the original game. So we can see the iconic Meat Boy may be in different genres of games in the future.


The big thing that does stand out in Super Meat Boy Forever is the bosses. As they do stand out as mastering timing is key. The whole game is Procedurally generated except for the bosses. It does show as the quality in bosses compared to other levels do show. They could maybe make a whole game just focusing on the bosses. This could be the next step for the Meat Boy universe. I do want them to do a Meat Boy turned based RPG but that's just me.

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