Shadow Warrior 3 Releasing This December?

Rumoured to release in 2021 in a recent tweet by Twitter account @ShadowWarrior suggests otherwise. By saying “Winter is Coming” this feels like we could be getting a release in December or January. A January release would still keep to the 2021 rumoured release but by saying winter it feels like it's going to be December. When 2021 was rumoured, it could be that it's coming to consoles in 2021 and PC in December. With them also linking Steam to the Tweet. As it will most likely be a next generation game with the next generation around the corner.

What is Shadow Warrior?

In Shadow Warrior, you play as Lo Wang and his spirit friend as you fight demons. I won't go into that much detail of the story as it could spoil it pretty easily. Shadow Warrior is a very funny game full of crazy combat. So, if you do like comedy and sword/gun combat in FP. This game will be for you and it's usually on sale for pretty cheap on both Steam and PS stores. It's not a very serious game making it a very easy playthrough.

Should you play 1 and 2?

If you are going to be interested in the story as well as the demon-killing madness. You should definitely play the past games. With them usually on sale in the PSU shop it's worth checking them out to double check if you even like the games. With the first two being very similar. It also shows the origin of the main character. If you are looking just to kill some demons and not really think about it. I would just jump straight into the third on release and maybe go backwards if you want more.

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