Serious Sam Collection Is Coming To Switch!

It has been confirmed that we are getting a Serious Sam Collection to Switch on the 17th of November. This will include Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, The Second Encounter - Croteam's two spruce-ups of Sam's original adventures. Serious Sam 3: BFE and the Legend of the Beast and Jewel of the Nile expansions. This is a lot of content but worth it for every Serious Sam fan and newcomer. It cost £26.99 in the UK, we don't have the dollar price tag yet but it looks like it could be $30. A good price for three classic games like Serious Sam.

What is Serious Sam?

Serious Sam is a classic FPS it sets out to be old school and it really comes out like that. This isn't a bad thing though as it's an Old School FPS with a lot of comedy to it. It feels kind of like Duke Nukem before Duke Nukem Forever happened, which we don't talk about here. Serious Sam has a lot of carnage in it where you will have a lot of enemies trying to kill you and the only way to fight back is with massive guns and lots of them. It's a classic game and one of the games that has built the indie market to where is today. Some may even call some indie history.

Will we get the fourth Serious Sam for Switch?

It looks like we could be getting the latest Serious Sam the fourth game. That has recently been released on Steam but isn't releasing on the console until next year. It currently has not been announced if it's coming to Switch but surely this is in preparation for the release of fourth. The fourth game was a big surprise and brought the retro old school to the new generation which brings together great graphics and the craziness that is Serious Sam.

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