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Sam & Max Save The World Gets Remastered For Switch & PC

Before they became world famous for their video game adaptations of such properties The Walking Dead and Batman, TellTale was a small studio making Texas Hold ‘em games and relatively unsung point-and-click CSI games. Their first game to gain them any notoriety, though, was 2006’s Sam & Max Save The World, an adventure game adapted from the comic book series Sam & Max by Steve Purcell. The game was an instant hit, blending clever humor, great art design, and fun adventure game puzzles across five episodes. Just over 14 years after the launch of the first episode, Sam & Max Save The World is getting a full remaster for Nintendo Switch and PC just in time for the holidays.

Although TellTale Games were dissolved in 2018 and reformed just last year, this remaster is being handled by a different team entirely over at Skunkape Games, a new studio formed of former developers from TellTale Games who managed to retain the rights after the closure. If the trailer is any indication, the wacky tale of the giant laid back dog Sam and his possibly psychopathic rabbit friend Max’s facelift looks to be a massive improvement on the original game. All of the visuals have been overhauled to look like a modern game, complete with dynamic lighting, an upgraded 16:9 aspect ratio, and “the highest resolution your hardware allows”. On top of visual upgrades, a whole bunch of new music has been written for the game, all of the voice clips have been uncompressed and in some cases rerecorded, and a brand new opening cinematic sequence has been added to the game.

Sam & Max Save The World Remastered releases on December 2nd for the modest price of $20 for the Nintendo Switch and on PCs at Steam and GOG. If you still own your original copy of the game on PC you can take advantage of a 50% discount. If you’re looking for more Sam & Max, the devs have stated that they are also working on remastering the game’s following two seasons, Beyond Time & Space and The Devil’s Playground, but information is scarce on those projects at the moment. HappyGiant is also working on Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual for VR devices sometime next year.

You can watch the trailer for Sam & Max Save The World Remastered here

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