'Rustler': The Medieval 'Grand Theft Auto' Releases Next Month

From Jutsu Games comes 'Rustler', an open-world action game full of pop-culture references where you will take on ridiculous missions, steal horses, and rob peasants. Of course, what would any of this be without a great radio station to accompany? Hire yourself a bard to follow you around and play music behind you.

You'll traverse a history-inaccurate world where you will take part in witch-hunting, join The Grand Tournament, fight with a sword, spear, crossbow, or even turds. Yeah, turds. Launch horses from trebuchets and more. Pretty much any ridiculous thing you can think of, you'll do in 'Rustler'.

Check out the trailer below to see what you're up for.

'Rustler': The Medieval 'Grand Theft Auto' Releases Next Month

It's set to release next month, on February 18th. You can head over to their Steam page now and add it to your wishlist. What do you think of the trailer and does this look like something you're interested in?

It definitely reminds us of the PlayStation era 'Grand Theft Auto' with the top-down camera and the flashing lights of the police. Will it be able to live up to the hype? We'll keep an eye out on this one and will do a review when it releases next month.

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