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Recent Indie Horror Games To Play This Halloween

It seems like most of us are going to be stuck inside on Halloween this year, but there’s no reason we can’t get our scares elsewhere. The indie game landscape is filled to the brim with great horror experiences, and here are just a few recent releases that you should check out if you’re in the mood for something spooky.

Amnesia: Rebirth

The Amnesia series started an indie horror game renaissance way back when it released in 2010. It’s safe to say that the game’s first-person perspective, spooky atmosphere, and combat-free stealth gameplay both inspired and defined the last ten years of independent horror games, for better or for worse. Amnesia: Rebirth is the third and most recently released game in that series, and Frictional Games aimed to tell another gripping story and show just why their horror format became the standard. The game places you in the shoes of a pregnant researcher with amnesia who needs to retrace her steps through an Algerian desert to find out what happened to her missing friends. The game features the same Sanity meter mechanic that the series is known for, forcing you to stay in well lit spaces and away from enemies to maintain your sanity and survive, but the game also replaces your lanterns with matches, so your light sources are much smaller, shorter, and scarcer, leaving you vulnerable for longer.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Broken Porcelain is the second game in the Remothered series after 2018’s Tormented Fathers and seeks to further flesh out the twisted universe that the series takes place in. You’ll take control of Jennifer, a young girl who, along with her friend Linn, is desperate to escape the place where they work as servants, the Ashmann Inn. The Inn is full of many secrets to discover as the story unfolds and you begin to learn more and more about the Ashmann’s and their creepy proclivities. The game has a lot to offer for the horror fan, including intense first-person stealth gameplay with tricky puzzles, a suitably twisted story, and the game is full of homages to famous horror films.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise

Deadly Premonition 2 is the sequel that nobody thought would happen. Deadly Premonition released in 2010 to an incredibly polarized reception. Most decried the game for its poor graphics, cheesy performances, and dead simple gameplay, but the game had a dedicated, if small, fan following that loved the game’s Twin Peaks-inspired story and characters. Defying all logic, Deadly Premonition 2 was released in 2020, and I couldn’t be happier. This game acts as both a sequel and a prequel and the bulk of the game takes Agent Francis York Morgan to Louisiana in 2005, where he thinks he’s going for vacation but he ends up getting wrapped up in a brutal murder investigation. Just like the last game, you’ll have a satisfying and twist-filled story to unravel as you face off with evil creatures in the game’s Otherworld. Also just like the last game, the game’s performance is horrendous, but if you give it a shot you just might get as sucked into the world and story as I was.

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