New Fall Guys Update Teased For Next Week

Whoever runs the official Twitter for Fall Guys seems like they’re having a good time. They make memes, share updates, crack jokes with fans, and even let some news slip out every now and then, and it’s all done with this would-be-annoying-if-it-weren’t-cute style. Two days ago they shared a video to hype up a new Godzilla costume that was just added to the in-game store for ten Crowns. The costume looks incredible, lovingly modeled directly after classic Godzilla, with the actual license no less, but even more interesting is that the video contained Godzilla engaging in some never before seen gameplay. At first, everything seems normal, but then Godzilla reaches the level Hit Parade and things are completely different. Hit Parade looks to have been modified to include Thicc Bonkus, the goofy name attached to a giant spinning pendulum outfitted with spikes, tearing through the competitors. Later on, the minigame Jump Club is shown to have random fruit now falling on the board, something that is sure to trip up competitors. The final two extra modifications shown in the trailer are the addition of swinging guillotines to Hoopsie Legends and cannons (presumably shooting fruit) aimed at competitors on Roll Out.

In addition to this, the devs also casually teased the addition of a brand new game and the official announcement that Fall Guys Season 2.5 will be released next week. The new game is called Big Fans, and although we haven’t seen gameplay, the devs said that the level will be just what the title suggests: there’s going to be a lot of fans, and they’re going to be big.

Mediatonic used this same strategy partway through their first season and it worked out great. The community gets a few weeks to learn the levels as they are, and then when you’re feeling comfortable the devs add just enough to shake things up. It keeps the game feeling livelier and makes the competition all that much more intense as you’re trying to readjust your game plan to account for new challenges in the form of randomness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to brace myself to get absolutely destroyed by some fruit on Roll Out.

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