Netflix Launches Series Based On Red Candle Games’ Detention

Netflix just recently launched the first two episodes of its Taiwanese series based on Detention. The game from developer Red Candle Games is perhaps best known for the unfortunate event surrounding the sequel, Devotion, a by all accounts great game that was voluntarily pulled from sale worldwide after a file was found in the game that contained an image critical of Chinese President Xi Jinping. This is not the first adaptation of Detention, either, as a well-regarded box office hit movie was made based on the game in 2019.

The series takes place several decades after the events of the game and stars Lingwei Lee as a girl who discovers a ghost, played by Ning Han, who tells her all about the horrors of her school’s history of censorship. The game and show are meant to be a commentary on the martial law period of Taiwan’s history known as White Terror.

Netflix’s series typically drop all at once, but this one is releasing weekly to coincide with its airing on Taiwanese television. You can watch the first two episodes now on Netflix.