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MinnMax Holds 2020 Indie Developer Roundtable - Watch Now

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

MinnMax, the recently founded video game discussion YouTube show and podcast made up of ex-Game Informer staff, recently put up a developer roundtable that is available to watch now. The Patreon-funded show frequently likes to reach out to indie developers for guest segments on its weekly podcast, but this one is pretty special.

The discussion is akin to Variety’s famous roundtables that bring together the year’s Oscar-nominated directors and actors for a large interview together discussing their films, and I believe this is a first of its kind for developers on games such as Hades and Spiritfarer to do the same for their games.

The discussion is an hour long and brings together some of the top indie creators of the year to discuss the struggles of developing games in 2020 with COVID-19 protocols and new consoles releasing and the successes they had doing so throughout the year. It’s a fun watch, especially for those looking for insight into the world of game development. The following are the developers who were interviewed:

- Greg Kasivin - SuperGiant Games - Creative Director of Hades

- Nicolas Guérin - Thunder Lotus Games - Creative Director of Spiritfarer

- Laura McGee - Dreamfeel - Director of If Found

- Brenda Romero - Romero Games - Director of Empire of Sin

- Matt Nava - Giant Squid - Creative Director of The Pathless

The full interview can be watched here

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