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Massive Fall Guys Update Brings Big Changes, Little Yeetus

As was teased last week on the official Fall Guys Twitter page, Fall Guys got a big new update this week. Dubbed Season 2.5, the update adds one brand new course and modifies many older courses to add additional challenges. The new level is called Big Fans, and it’s very fun. I honestly think it might be the hardest race level in the game. Also fun and challenging are the new level variations. There’s some really devilish ones, and I’ve spent a few hours playing as many as I could (shoutout to the new playlist option letting you only play these games) so I could give a run down on what you can expect from these new challenges and how to best react to them.

Big Fans, as the name would suggest, is filled with almost nothing but fans. The fans rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise and you will need to line them up just right to pass across them and reach the finish line. The fans rotate pretty slowly, so sometimes it’s better to move against the grain and make up a little time rather than following them the correct way around. The difficulty comes in how small the fan blades are. Each fan has four blades that are spaced quite wide apart, jumping between them nearly requires a full jump and then a dive, and you’ll need to make it across three to five different fans to make it to the next checkpoint. There are three sections of fans, and the third introduces spinning bars that you will need to jump over to make it through. The bars don’t move too fast, but they move fast enough that you’re likely to be forced to make the jump rather than be able to make it past without worrying about it. Ultimately, though, it seems that the mastery for this level will depend on how well you can maneuver your little jelly bean on the narrow connective strands between fan blades. It’s easy to slip off, but if you want that gold medal you’re going to need to do it.

In terms of remixes of old maps, there are some pretty simple ones and some tough ones, but they’re all pretty fun. The simplest ones are the addition of swinging axes to Hoopsie Legends and the minor change in the shape of Egg Scramble’s course. Neither end up changing the game up too drastically and shouldn’t take much adjusting. The other egg game, Egg Siege, gets only slightly more with the addition of Thicc Bonkus to the normal drawbridges, making them much harder to use. Only one step further is the change to Dizzy Heights, which swaps the usual spinning discs at the end for discs with swinging bars to jump over, another minor change that shouldn’t trip too many up. By far the most fun changes, however, happen in Roll Out and Knight Fever.

Roll Out becomes much more hectic by taking away half of the rotating platforms and adding cannons that toss small fruit at the contestants. Having the same amount of people on half as much space with the addition of more objects makes things really challenging. People weren’t being as grabby here because we’re all still adjusting, but once people become more comfortable with griefing I’m sure it will be even crazier. Knight Fever’s many, many additions turn this course into absolute chaos of the best kind. My first run here made the course nearly unrecognizable. There were swinging balls where axes should be, the drawbridges at the end were rapidly moving independently and seemingly randomly, and two new Big Yeetuses (Yeetusi?) that looked like a very difficult shortcut to skip the Thicc Bonkus run. I never successfully Yeeted. Later runs showed me yet another version of the drawbridges, this time where they never fully rested or raised, instead perpetually moving just enough to make your final jump quite annoying.

Possibly the biggest, er, most substantial, addition to Season 2.5 is Little Yeetus. This cute little swinging hammer can’t be bigger than a Fall Guy’s fist and is hidden away in random locations on certain levels. It seems too small to actually accomplish anything, but it’s just memey enough to work.

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