Let's have a look at Bust-A-Door by The Bruvs

What do you do when you make cartoons but want to get into the gaming industry? Well, you make a game about your cartoon obviously. A series that once was a mix of 40 short cartoons are now stepping into the gaming industry. There are many cartoon series that end up getting their own games these days so this may be a good one to look out for but for the people who don't know, let's dive into what actually the developers have done in the past.

Who are the developers The Bruvs?

The Bruvs was once a TV show of short cartoons. It follows a misunderstood British East End family. Led by their brothers Doug and Den. It was an adult-focused cartoon that has become one of the biggest growing markets in the cartoon industry. The cartoon is humorous but is definitely for a niche audience. If you like the art style, you should definitely try out this cartoon before you play the game.

What is Bust-A-Door?

The game is called Bust-A-Door and you guessed it, you bust open a door. A pretty simple game that is currently in early development. Where you try to hit a very fast target and if you miss, the police are called. It's a simple game but still has the humor of the cartoon there meaning that if you liked the cartoon, you will most likely enjoy the game.

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