Interview With Ryan Brown Of Super Rare Games!

If you haven't heard of Super Rare Games, you might be missing out on your next favorite game. Like the magazine, SRG is for those people who love physical copies and actually holding a game in your hand.

SRG has made it their business to launch physical releases of independent titles, some of which we've covered right here on the site or in the magazine, and also includes perks like steelbook and ultimate editions.

We had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Brown of Super Rare Games and ask him some questions about the company, like how it began and what the future holds for them.

Indie Gamer Magazine) Can you tell us a little about your history and how you got started?

Ryan Brown: George Perkins, our founder and 'Head of Doing Stuff', was already deeply involved in collecting physical games and was previously working at a studio that ported games to consoles. Super Rare Games started off completely as a passion project, which is awesome. He literally signed our first few games over phone calls on his lunch breaks at his previous job and it was when we signed Worms W.M.D. that he realised that Super Rare had to be taken full-time. Now there are five core members, including myself, and I can only imagine that'll increase in the future.

IGM) Is there a dream game that you would love to make a physical edition of?

Brown: The great thing is that if I personally really love a game, George genuinely wants to get it made physically for me haha. The man literally sweats passion for physical games; if he's finished a game and loved it, he wants it physically. Some of our previous releases like Old School Musical came to be that way. We each have a lot more on our personal physical wishlists. If we're talking real dream titles though, there's a lot of digital-only PS3 titles that I'd hate to see locked away digitally forever. NOBY NOBY BOY, Derrick the Deathfin, and PixelJunk Shooter were some of my favourite games from that generation and they all need a lot more love. If I'm going really left field, I'd love Jade Cocoon and Digimon World to be ported to the Switch!

IGM) With the release of next-gen consoles, will you begin making releases for them?

Brown: We're pretty focused on the Nintendo Switch right now - we think it's basically a collector's dream and it's the console we ourselves are primarily collecting for right now. Who knows what the future will bring though!

IGM) What's the process of selecting a title for a release?

Brown: It can honestly happen in a variety of ways. Sometimes a developer pitches their game to us, sometimes it's suggested by our fans and we pursue it, or sometimes we just like the look of a game ourselves and start up a conversation that way. We keep a close eye on every new indie game release and announcement, both through personal interest and to judge which titles would work well for a physical release. Of course, then there's all the boring business-y stuff to assess whether it actually makes sense for our line-up and whether it works well for our and the developer's schedules. IGM) What does it mean to your team to be able to give smaller developers physical releases and what's the best part of your job?

Brown: Oh yeah, that is 100% the best part of the job. The games we publish unfortunately don't have retail opportunities available to them, so to be able to let developers hold their games in their hands is such a fantastic feeling. There's obviously the helpful money boost which usually goes to future developments, but for many creators, that's the main thing about our releases that they love. I think every developer that loves what they do and cares deeply about the art they produce wants to hold that work physically in their hands, to be preserved forever. IGM) Have you given thought to developing your own titles?

Brown: I think everyone involved in games has at some point haha. If ever we did develop our own games, it'd just be for the fun of it. We're certainly not planning on becoming a 'proper' developer, anyway.

IGM) What does the future hold for Super Rare Games?

Brown: Lots more awesome physical indie games! Our 2021 line-up is already the best ever in our history and there's plenty more to come. As someone that's been invested in indie games ever since the freeware days before the big indie boom, it is honestly the biggest honour to continue giving them the love that they deserve. Who knows which amazing titles we might preserve next?

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