Interview with "Mist Survival" creator Rati Wattanakorprasit.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Mist Survival is a unique survival game released on Steam for a modest price tag of $10.99, created by a one-man army. I first connected with creator Rati Wattanakorprasit for The Indie Gamer Magazine to show off his development, only now has he had the time and opportunity to talk directly to me about his title. Hear directly from the creator themselves in this one on one interview.

Q.) What were your inspirations behind creating "Mist Survival"?

A.) I like to play survival games. Most of them are the kind with serious survival aspects and difficult obstacles. For me, the game has to be hard and realistic. My favorite FPS survival game is "The Long dark". I’m also a fan of zombie movies and games that are about the end of the world, so the idea of Mist Survival came from those inspirations.

I wanted the game to be scary, so I initially explored gimmicks like sandstorms or eclipses. But, I’m a really big fan of the movie "The Mist", so I found the idea of a mysterious and deadly mist to be a good element to focus on in my game.

Q.) What were the biggest hurdles as a one-man development team, and how did you overcome them?

A.) I would say the lack of passion or the inability to focus and work on a consistent basis. I do everything myself, which is quite tiring and makes development take more time than usual. I have to test the game myself, play it myself, design the UI myself, etc. Everything takes a