• Rhys Boulton

Gone Viral Demo Could Go, Well, Viral!

It's currently in Early Access, so this game will improve over time but even at the moment, it’s a decent game that does in some ways stand out. We got to play the Demo of this game for over 5 hours and with it, we have a decent view of what this game will offer in the future. Gone Viral is an over the top action game that feels slightly like a bullet hell game but maybe a slightly less over the top one. Gone Viral rewards skill and fast reactions. This does give it a bit of a learning curve but if you enjoy the first 10 minutes, you'll enjoy the next 5 hours. I had a great experience with this game as it has an ‘anything can happen’ attitude to over the top gameplay which works great. With an art style that kind of feels cartoony and over the top but works with the games gameplay style.

Viral carnage

The one vital fault here though it's the fact that the game might be too ambitious, it's a good game yes. Gone Viral could make the game's expectations higher than it is. The over the top borderline humourous action is a great hook here. That could easily keep you playing this game for a very long time. It was hard to stop playing. There’s also the fact that this is in Early Access meaning that it's most likely going to improve over time.


The gameplay here brings a lot of different elements together to make a good game. It's great that it's already at this level in Early Access. The gameplay mixes greatly with the graphics, giving you more of a fun experience than a serious one. If this is what the developer is going for, they’ve hit the nail on the head. At the moment, it's still slightly rough around the edges with improvement needed. It has the elements for a good game with it already being in Early Access, it has the time to do this. At the moment it's a fun game but with added content, it could be great.

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