'Diablo Respawned' Being Brought To Life By One Developer

I think a lot of us are fans of the 'Diablo' series. I have several fond memories of running Baal runs with my sorcerer and lagging out my entire computer with a billion sparks flying across the screen. 'Diablo' is one of the greatest action-RPGs of all time, and deserves every ounce of respect (except maybe 3).

So, how does 'Diablo' play into indie games? It's made by a huge company, Blizzard, and is by no means an independent title. Well, no, but 'Diablo Respawned' is, and it's being developed by just one person.

'Diablo Respawned' is a fanmade 2D arpg based on the 'Diablo' universe. The developer's plans are to "create a game that collects and merges all the exciting elements of the last 'Diablo' games with a compact and fast experience'.

It will also be completely free to play and will be available on PC.

There's a free demo available now on GameJolt and you can join a Discord channel as well, to stay up to date with development and any news that comes out. I fell across the title while scrolling through GameJolt and it immediately caught my attention, so I reached out to the developer, and he will be appearing in the magazine in December. He'll be providing updates, answering our questions, and showcasing what he's finished in the title.

Most importantly, I look forward to asking him how he's going about this with rights and the legalities of the whole thing. Thankfully, they'll have a chance to answer all of our questions! Check out the demo now.

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