• Rhys Boulton

Dead Cells Will Never Die

Dead Cells released way back in 2017. Some may think that they might have released a sequel after 4 years, but no, they are still supporting the original games. In a new DLC called Fatal Falls. This DLC looks like it will have a high theme to it. With all the area being set in high uplands. The DLC also added more enemies, loot, and obviously bosses. The DLC arrives on the 26th of January so make sure you mark this one down to remember as it's approaching fast.

Will we get a sequel?

If an indie game is getting this much support, it seems like a sequel could be in the works. That being said, in a game like this, a sequel could be very different. This would be due to the fact that it would just be kind of more of the same and it feels like that would just add more DLC if they weren't planning a lot of different elements. They could make the game 3D but how that would work is very unknown. This is just speculation though we are definitely getting a DLC.

Is this the last DLC?

They could just keep adding DLCs. It could maybe work as Shovel Knight has worked over the years. With constant content being added to the game. Although that is on another level. More content the better for this amazing game. If you haven't played it yet, you should definitely jump onto this one. As the DLC isn't free, it could be the way forward as there is a dedicated fanbase there and a lot of people will buy that DLC to continue the journey with the game including myself.

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