Checking In With 'Fall Guys' Three Months After Launch

Fall Guys, Mediatonic’s cute Battle Royale obstacle course game, came out on August 4th and was an instant smash success. The game took over Twitch and YouTube. Seemingly everybody was either watching or playing it and it’s easy to see why. The game is endlessly charming and very easy to pick up and play for just about everybody. As much as I was having a blast playing the game within the first few days of release, I still thought that the game was going to be a flash in the pan. It got too big too fast and seemed too gimmicky, and those games don’t always have the longest staying power (*cough* Hyper Scape *cough*). It may be premature to say this, but I think that I was dead wrong.

In the three months since its release, Fall Guys has constantly stayed in the conversation. The game has managed to stay consistently in the most viewed games page of Twitch and has already had multiple full eSports tournaments like “GrandPooBear’s Fallmania”, which brings together 16 players every few weeks to compete for a $5,000 winner-takes-all grand prize in front of thousands of viewers. Every day it seems like the game’s official Twitter page has a tweet that goes viral. The game isn’t merely resting on its laurels either, as it is always reinventing itself. A few short weeks after release saw the addition of random stage variations that totally changed the gameplay experience, and a few weeks after that saw the launch of Season Two which added multiple new minigames and revamped many old ones. In nearly every way it is clear that playing the game now is a vastly superior experience than it was at launch, and there are no signs that the game is slowing down at all.