'Chaos': Crash land in a strange new world!

“Chaos” is an amazing looking game with a great narrative, as well as a cool story behind the scenes. Developer Brendan Henry knew nothing about making games a mere 8 months ago, now he’s preparing to launch his first creation into the Steam marketplace. Going from scratch to this in 8 months is pretty impressive and I think it’s safe to say he has a great future ahead of him. Jumping into the story of Chaos, it follows two brothers, who escape a war-ravaged planet to a new world in the same binary star system, but upon entry to the new planet, they’re not met with a parade.

According to the “Chaos” steam page, “We are Destaro, an alien and member of the Onyeho race who exist in a planet where crime and war run rampant. Destaro and Uttarha are brothers who work out a plan to escape their planet to a nearby world. However, the rocket you’re in a crash upon entry and all navigation equipment is destroyed in the crash. You call your brother Uttarha on your radio before the silence ensues. Now you must journey out to find your brother as you encounter many unique like forms of aggressive nature… Once you figure out the “why” you crashed, you’ll be on step closer to solving the mysteries of the planet.”

“Chaos” also features numerous great elements like a full story campaign, an open world with no loading screens, the beautiful opening cinematic that launches you into the story, thermal vision, teleportation abilities, full multiplayer lobby system online and LAN and a custom 14 track soundtrack from Vic Freeman. That’s an incredible feat for someone who just learned game making.

Watching the pre-release footage of “Chaos”, there’s, even more, to offer, with great environment design, out of this world textures, rainbow bridges and numerous aliens you’ll encounter. Along your journey to find your brother, you’ll discover an entire living world filled with odd and terrifying images, like a shackled alien that draws an eerie similarity to a particular ALIEN film… haunting caverns, and scary creatures.

“Chaos” is a first-person shooter, adventure game that will release on PC and Xbox One and will feature full controller support on PC, and is set to release in September, according to Steam. You can bet I’ll be there ready to pick up my copy. We might have to start doing some Streams of these games as well, but that’s a different conversation. Add “Chaos” to your Steam wish list now and get prepared to travel into an unknown journey!