Can’t Miss Indies To Play Before Game Of The Year

Paradise Killer

A surrealist adventure in which you play as Lady Love Dies, an investigator pulled out of exile to solve the murders of members of a council of elites. The story is significantly deeper than this, and to be honest I didn’t understand it all that much. Everything in Paradise Killer has its own logic and is tough to decipher, but it’s a great experience nonetheless. You spend your time exploring a large island in a first person view, looking for clues and interviewing suspects. The game has style for days, and lots of fun puzzles and dialogue for you to sort through. It’s one of the most unique indie games to come along in years, and the perfect summary of why we love indie games so much, as no large company would ever take a chance on something as out there as this.

Murder By Numbers

Murder By Numbers combines the gameplay of Picross with a murder mystery adventure narrative. If you’re already familiar with Picross gameplay and are as addicted to it as many of us are, you’ll feel right at home in this game. And fans of Professor Layton or especially Phoenix Wright will love its visual novel style mystery gameplay.

Kentucky Route Zero