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Cake Bash Is Adorable Multiplayer Mayhem Out Now

The developers behind Gang Beasts are back with a brand new goofy multiplayer game, this time centered around delicious treats. Cake Bash is a four-player multiplayer game where players will take control of various different cakes and compete in minigame mayhem to be crowned the ultimate sweet treat.

Just from the trailer, it looks like you can choose to play as cupcakes, eclairs, flan, donuts, and many others, and the cakes look about as good as you can expect video game cakes to look. The games themselves look like Mario Party minigames, where you’ll have a certain amount of time to do various objectives like stack an ice cream cone as high as possible or see who can roast the most marshmallows. Games like Gang Beasts, Overcooked, and Fall Guys have proven that there’s a market for multiplayer games that are quirky and random but still competitive, and Cake Bash looks like it has all the makings of another one of those sleeper hits.

Cake Bash supports four-player online and local multiplayer and can be purchased now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia for $19.99. You can watch a trailer for the adorable minigame frenzy here

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