Bounty Battle - Our Favorite Indie Heroes Missed The Mark?

We are the Indie Gamer Magazine and with that, there’s no denying that we love indie games. The day we found Bounty Battle was a great day indeed. It was where all of our favorite characters from our favorite indie games into one like in a Smash Bros kind of style. With everyone from Dead Cells to Guacamelee. It seemed to have everything apart from the actual time and skill to make this game into what it could have been.

The game is a mess with so many glitches, it's nearly unplayable. With a frame rate that feels like I was playing a slideshow, it does show that the studio did go a bit above their level of skill in making a fighting game. With all parts of every map needing to be tested with every character and with over 30 characters, this would have taken a large amount of time.

This isn't really the studio’s fault. It could easily be a timing issue with them having a publisher. They may have been given an unrealistic deadline to finish this game. The studio behind the game only had a card base game on their belt before making this. If maybe they made a Brawler before this massive one. We could have seen a very good game instead. Rather than the massive disappointment, we had with this game. We could maybe get massive patches to fix this but looking at the current state of the game. It could be a massive mountain they need to climb. Looking at their history they might not be up for it. This was a very ambitious project and could evolve into something great but it's hard to see right now.