Bart Bonte’s “Colour” Series Is One Of The Best On Mobile

You may not know his name, but if you used to play flash games in the late 2000s, you probably are familiar with his work. Bart Bonte is the developer of the flash hits “Factory Balls” and, most notably, “Sugar, Sugar.” I have a lot of memories of not-so-sneakily using my school’s computer to visit Andkon and play games like “Sugar, Sugar” while I should have been studying, but I’ve never really thought to look up what any of those devs have gone on to doing today. Color me surprised when I was scrolling through the iOS App Store and I stumbled upon a game called “Green” and found out that it was created by Bonte. Not only that, but I found a wealth of games using the same theme and decided to try them out and was delighted with what I found.