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Annapurna Interactive Collection Is A Must For Indie Collectors

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The Los Angeles based production company Iam8bit has collaborated with Annapurna Interactive to release physical editions of some of Annapurna’s games in the past, but this looks to be something special. This GameStop exclusive set features eight of Annapurna’s best PS4 titles all on their own discs with their own cases and with their own unique artwork all in one big box. The following is a list of every title included with the set:

  • Donut County

  • Gorogoa

  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

  • Outer Wilds

  • Sayonara Wild Hearts

  • Telling Lies

  • Wattam

  • What Remains Of Edith Finch

The set will set you back $180, which is a bit steep considering the digital versions of all of these games would only cost around $150, and that’s not even factoring in the frequent sales that these games go on, but it’s probably worth it for the collector like me who likes having the pretty boxes. Collectors should also note that this is the first time that both Wattam and Telling Lies have had a physical release for the PS4. Iam8bit is also selling an exclusive $200 version of this set on their website limited to 2000 copies that places every game in a book-like sleeve with more unique artwork, but if I’m being honest the cheaper version looks better. It’s a little disappointing that the set isn’t multiplatform for Nintendo Switch or Xbox One users, but it still feels like a large step forward for getting premium physical releases for some of our favorite independent games. I can personally vouch that a few of these games are some of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had (Kentucky Route Zero is more than likely going to end up being my game of the year) and I can’t wait to have this box sitting on my shelf. The Annapurna Interactive Ultimate Collection releases on December 8th, 2020.

Preorder Annapurna Interactive Ultimate PS4 Collection here

Preorder Annapurna Interactive Deluxe Limited Edition here

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