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A Little Over Three Years After Going Independent, IO Interactive Releases Hitman 3

The gaming world was stunned when long time developer of the Hitman franchise was let go from their publisher Square Enix in 2017 after the publisher posted a particularly large loss on the year. At the time, IO Interactive said they were looking for a new publisher, but no deal was made, and thus the studio remained independent as they worked on Hitman 3. Now, three and a half years later, IO Interactive has self-published their first release since the Square Enix split to critical acclaim.

Hitman 3 is supposedly the end of the “Assassination Trilogy”, a trilogy of critically acclaimed games starring the famous bar-code tattooed assassin Agent 47. The games each provide you with a number of large sandbox levels each containing a target that Agent 47 needs to take down in whatever way you see fit. Each sandbox allows you a ton of freedom, featuring lots of ways to stealthily take down your target and escape, or simply allowing you to go guns blazing if you’d rather. Fans of the franchise love it for its mix of a straight-faced tone with often wacky physics-based gameplay that allows some truly hilarious dynamic moments to happen, such as the infamous heat-seeking suitcase that when thrown at a target would fly indefinitely until it reached its mark even as they were driving away on a jetski.

Nobody knows what lies in the future for the Hitman series, but we do know that IO Interactive’s next project is a game based on another famous assassin, James Bond. Not many details about the game, codenamed Project 007, are known at this point, but the game is aiming to tell the origin story of the famous MI6 agent.

Stay tuned to Indie Gamer Magazine for our review of Hitman 3 coming in the next few days.

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